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The 1-abc. net Utility Box combines four powerful Windows XP...

The 1-abc. net Utility Box combines four powerful Windows XP cleaning and optimization tools to an even more powerful program that helps you to keep your system running fast and secure.

Windows and nearly all other software that is installed on it produce temporary data. Unfortunately there are not many programs that really take care about consequences of saving temporary files to different places, with different extensions or without always deleting when possible or necessary.

Hard Drive Washer does what all these programs forget. It searches for these unnecessary files and offers you to delete them. There are many ways and tools to delete the trail you leave on your computer when you visit websites - but Surf Trail Washer already washes it away while you are surfing!

The program runs nearly unrecognizable in the background. Just surf the web as always without any loss of comfort. Surf Trail Washer lets your internet trail (temporary internet files, cookies, history, URLs) simply disappear as you would have not visited any websites at all!

Whatever you did or installed on your Computer and whatever you did to remove it: the Windows Registry may still remember it! Registry Washer looks what can be removed from the Registry and cleans it up, so it also helps you to protect your privacy by deleting all this old data.

Clean up your Registry one time per month and be sure to have a fast and secure system. Including backup feature, easy-to-use interface and many useful options!

With Startup Organizer you can delete, add or modify files and programs you want to be started with the system automatically. Additionally, you can add customized entries that start only 1x per week, every 5 minutes, every 2nd of the month, only on Friday or whatever you want.

Start your Defrag tool every 50 days, open a picture of your daughter on her birthday. This unique feature makes Startup Organizer to much more than just a conventional Windows startup tool.

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1-abc.net Utility Box


1-abc.net Utility Box 3

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